Goodbye, New York City!

I’m sitting right now in JFK airport, Christmas songs are blaring at me from every direction, but I wanted to take a few minutes and write a quick message to the members of the New York City skeptical community.

For the past few years, you have made a home and a community for me.  Because of my involvement with this organization, I’ve been able to take in a variety of public lectures, I’ve been able to go to a number of great skeptical events, but more I’ve been able to reach out and connect with a great skeptical community.

There are too many people to thank for making the New York City Skeptics into a home for me, so I won’t even try.  You know who you are.

Tomorrow I will wake up on the west coast.  It’ll be the wrong time of day and for some reason, despite it being December, it will be 72 degrees.  

Again, thank you all for making the New York City Skeptics such a great community.  I look forward to continuing this skeptical conversation.

- Your Windmill Charging Friend

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