Gotham Skeptic to Shut Down

After more than a year and a half of daily posts from the Gotham Skeptic bloggers examining skepticism, critical thinking, personal exploration, science, society, and even a little bit of politics, the Gotham Skeptic, the official blog of the New York City Skeptics is signing off. But don’t think this implies that New York City Skeptics is slowing down, in fact, quite the opposite. The Rationally Speaking Podcast has become very successful and is reaching out to a broad audience that goes far beyond our local membership. The Northeast Conference on Science & Skepticism has sold out for the first two years of its existence, and NYCS with the help of the NESS are growing the conference to make it the premier skeptical event of the year on the East Coast. Add in our public lecture series and NYCS organizers are busy bees.

Therefore, it is with some sadness that we say goodbye to the blog, but also with excitement as we look to our other projects which are growing like gangbusters.

Keep an eye out this week as each of our most frequent bloggers bid adieu with a final note.

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5 comments to Gotham Skeptic to Shut Down

  • Not good. What do I do now with my time?

  • Does this mean everything already written on this blog is going away? Will you at least keep the entries in this blog archived?

  • BJ Kramer

    (That’s for Jake)

  • While the blog itself has been a great success, the grind of churning out top-caliber content on a daily basis (which Page and the other writers have done consistently — and for which they deserve a huge THANK YOU) has been extremely difficult. In addition, the competition with other skeptical/science blogs for eyeballs is intense. Although we believe the Gotham Skeptic has been a substantive addition to those ranks, we feel it’s in the interest of the organization and our members to focus on projects, like NECSS and Rationally Speaking, where we can have the most impact with our limited time and resources. Having said that, we will be making the Gotham Skeptic archive available in some format, and we will keep the Gotham Skeptic brand dormant, but not dead. Like a skeptical vampire or strange alien virus.

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