MUFON head quits, calls UFOlogy “humans deceiving humans”

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James Carrion, the International Director for the Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network (MUFON) has resigned from his position and decided to, if you’ll pardon the pun, ‘move on.’

But he didn’t go without explaining himself. And here’s where it gets very interesting. Carrion essentially denounces the entire “scientific” field of UFOlogy, which plays a central role in the alien visitation believing movement:

That in a nutshell is the sad state of Ufology today, humans deceiving
humans. If there is a real phenomenon, I have yet to see any evidence of
it that would stand under scientific scrutiny.

If you’d asked me to guess who said this quote yesterday I might have said Michael Shermer or Phil Plait. But no, this came from one of the leaders of the UFO/alien visitation community! That is unbelievable!

What I discovered was that the phenomenon is based in deception – of the human kind –and that there is no way ANYONE will understand the real truth unless they are willing to first accept that. No, I am not talking about some grandiose cover-up of alien visitation, but instead the documented manipulation of people and information for purposes that I can only speculate on. How do I unequivocally know this to be true? Well let me lay it out for you in laymen’s terms.

People are easily manipulated because we are all subject to the psychological pressures of ego, biased beliefs and tunnel vision. For example, those that KNOW that earth is being visited by aliens have blinders on and no amount of alternative explanation will convince them otherwise. They are the die hard in the wool believers for whom Ufology serves as a religion to confirm their beliefs that they take on faith. On the other end of the spectrum are the debunkers who must counter every claim with a reason why it can’t be so, without bothering to examine the data or lift a finger in conducting original research of their own.

Whoa! Wait a minute, what about those who don’t take things on faith and actually collect data and conduct investigation? Good question. I decided to examine the data collection and investigative practices in Ufology, and after poring over thousands of historical case files from MUFON, NICAP and APRO investigators in the MUFON archives, what I found, was inconsistent investigation with a total lack of evidentiary standards. I also found a paper trail of disinformation and misinformation that has kept Ufology in check through infighting and red herrings, rabbit holes and elaborate deception operations.

Interestingly, this story seems like it couldn’t come at a worse time for the UFO crowd as it comes days after three other news stories unfavorable to the UFO community, the first being the former Area 51 contractors who broke their silence to publicly state that no extraterrestrial activity took place at the now famous military base that has taken on mythical significance. The second was the one-year anniversary of when Joe Rudy and Chris Russo publicly announced that they’d hoaxed the UFO sighting near Morristown, New Jersey. And the third news story that didn’t paint the UFO crowd in a positive light was a Jordanian newspaper causing a panic with an April Fools stunt in which they reported the arrival of 10-foot-tall aliens via flying saucers. This inevitably reminded many of the town of Grovers Mill, New Jersey, which was believed to have been invaded by Martians 72 years ago only to discover later that they were merely fooled by a radio broadcast of War of the Worlds by Orson Welles. I’ve written before about the self-deception that allowed caused that town to actually witness an invasion that never took place.

I have to give Carrion a lot of credit for overcoming what I can only imagine was extraordinary cognitive dissonance. To have devoted all that time to this community, so much so that you were among its leaders, and then take a real critical look at it and essentially denounce it all. That takes a lot of courage. It also takes a lot of courage because he’ll no doubt be receiving lots of vitriolic hate mail from people within the movement he’s forsaken.

Congratulations James. You’re one of us now.

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3 comments to MUFON head quits, calls UFOlogy “humans deceiving humans”

  • It’s great to see that Carrion has been harshly critical of an organization he once led. Ufology generally lacks such criticism and scientific rigor, as Carrion now points out.

    However, I don’t think it’s accurate to say that he’s “one of us now.” Not only does Carrion take issue with skeptical organizations and prominent skeptics — many of whom he still considers ‘debunkers’ not open to evidence, but also because his specialized area of research focuses on documenting large scale conspiracies. These are conspiracy claims that most scientific skeptics will dismiss for lack of compelling evidence.

    Btw, I blogged about Carrion two days before he announced his resignation back in January. It covers a lengthy podcast interview of his from last year which provides a good overview of the man and what he thinks:

  • Taking a skeptical approach, is it possible that Mr. Carrion’s resignation is a set up? If MUFON were actually a military PSYOP organization, then having its head call its body a betrayer and leaving might help the onlooking public to believe that there is only false evidence of UFOs. It seems only you skeptics “know” that UFOs are unreal, immaterial, etc., yes? So, if we actually do have a very good military that is quite aware of foreign (if not “Alien”) activity going on with our country, then you would not believe our military is good enough to find the people contacted by the Aliens before they find a public outlet with credible evidence. I don’t own military weapons so stand no chance of someone with them taking evidence from me before I could manifest it in a widely public way. I don’t have the money to own a media outlet, so I can’t publish the information myself before “they” would get to me. Also, Military hackers are quite good, so don’t tell me setting up a Web site is something one could do. Who has the technical knowledge and cyber resources our military does, considering DARPA, a US military defense agency, created the Internet (sorry Al Gore)? You skeptics who have done UFO research, you can find sloppy UFO research work and so you then say all UFO research work is sloppy. Clever, but shortsighted reasoning. One can easily find 10 bad scientists who do sloppy work, but that doesn’t mean all scientists do sloppy work, but “skeptics” yet apply such reason to UFO researchers. Would you skeptics even consider that some of your most glorified skeptics actually know that UFOs have been identified, and are being paid by the military to say otherwise? Since being a fool is not part of the definition of skeptic, that couldn’t be true, so, carri-on ;)

  • JC_Miller

    I am new to the subject. Of course, like most, the idea of UFOs, Government involvement and endless “Conspiracy Theories” have been beaten into my consciousness by the onslaught of continual media riff-raff. However when I say I am “New” I am saying that I have been immersing myself up to my neck in internet research (last 8 or so months) and I now consider myself enlightened (if I dare use that phrase).

    My take should be seriously considered, as it is not tainted with years and years of opinionated rhetoric from any one in particular side of the coin. Rather this has been my own personal research which I have tried to make an extreme effort to keep untainted by any one view or idea. HAARP, Holograms, Impossible Moon Landings and Airplane disasters that leave the average American numb with disenchantment all taken as a whole has me thinking that when we look up in the sky not one of us can say for sure what it is we are looking at.

    The Mufon director has resigned due to conflicting beliefs. What shall we make of it?

    Seriously, does any one person or group want to go down this path of questioning? Do any of us believe we will actually find the answer?

    There is some sort of grand scheme at work here and we are all playing into this game every time we open our mouths and insert conjecture. In fact I believe I just added to the hype in some way with this thread, so I’ll shut up now, while I’m behind.

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