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Sometimes you find something and it just makes you smile.  And then, you realize that you have to write a blog for Monday, so you share it with everyone who reads the Gotham Skeptic.  Which is… um… what I’m doing right now.

Please examine the picture below.

stupid UFO pic

I found this gem on All News Web, a great website if you want to just smack your head fifteen times in a row.  What I really love about this particular article is the way that the whole thing is framed around a false dichotomy.

For those who don’t know, a false dichotomy is a bit of spurious logic where the person being asked is forced to choose between two black and white choices when there are probably more options out there.  And what I really love about this particular use of the logical fallacy is that in this case, both options are crap.  “UFO or Cryptid, what do you think?”

Tangent.  You have to love this “Cryptid” term that the Cryptozoologists have been tossing out lately.  It’s as though one of them said one day, “Hey, calling these things monsters is making us look nuts.  Let’s say that Nessie is a Cryptid instead!”  Which is sort of like deciding that instead of “Elf”, Santa is a Snow-Magi.  See?  Now looking for him is legitimate.

Back to the dichotomy though, UFO or Cryptid… UFO or Cryptid… well, I’m going to go with UFO for now.  Though… not aliens.  My guess?  Kite,  Maybe bird.  It’s in Argentina, so maybe a big bird?  But the honest truth is, I’m not so good at sussing these things out and the picture isn’t terribly clear.

What do you folks think the blurry picture could be?  Anything else that’s “magic?”  Personally, I just don’t understand why they didn’t think it could be a ghost.  I’m sorry.  “Specter”.   Now, it’s scientific.

Enjoy your Labor Day.

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4 comments to Something To Share

  • J.

    Definite alien UFO collecting Cryptids.

  • Page

    I’m going to go with… a previously undiscovered species of flying crab.

    I also love the sense of scale in this image, that thing could be HUGE or very very tiny.

  • Definitely a woman’s bra cup that came undone that she threw out to the sea in total exasperation. Look for a braless woman and you will find your UFO.

  • Skepdude

    Looks like a bird to me. Long neck, two wings! But of course, it doesn’t have to be a terrestrial bird. Could be an alien one, I guess!

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