Daily Mail Proves Psychic Powers!

I predict John Edward and his buddies will capitalize on this study.

Hey!  It’s great news!  According to a study in the Daily Mail, psychic powers exist and we can see into the future.  Wow!  Although apparently the effects must be really small because no one seems to have been able to predict that 9-11 was [...]

Some Words Actually Have Meanings…

Would you look at this man and say he ISN'T monkey-like?

I don’t know why, in spite of almost all evidence to the contrary, I continue to expect an educated press.  I read an article this morning in USA Today highlighting an evangelical woman who’s recently published a book about her transformation from creationist to defender of evolution.

The majority of the article, written by Bob Smietana of the Nashville Tennessean, isn’t bad.  The woman in question, Rachel Held Evans, is from Dayton, TN, home of the Scopes Monkey Trial.  Her message is that one does not have to decide they believe their religion or science, and that she can love her deity while accepting that the world is older than 6000 years.  Great.  I’m always happy to have religious people accept science, because I’m of the opinion that it’s a more helpful way to examine the world and that the lens of scientific naturalism is the best one for understanding the world around us.

Where Smietana pisses me off is around the middle of his article where he drops this whopper.

Instead of choosing sides, some prefer the middle ground of intelligent design, which claims God designed how life evolved. … continue reading this entry.

New Study Shows Acupuncture Good for Headaches, When Combined with Aspirin

How will this picture effect you?

How will this picture effect you?

NEW YORK, NY.  The world of science was rocked today as another study showing the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine was published.  In a startling study published today in the National Journal of Woowadoo, Scientists from New York University have shown that, acupuncture, when combined with a mild pain reliever, may have a strong impact upon headaches.  “We’ve seen for a long time that acupuncture can have an impact upon pain,” said Dr. Don Samuels, head researcher on the team.  “Along with that recent study showing how acupuncture can help curb anxiety in dental offices, I don’t see how anyone can look at this stuff any differently!  This is just one more nail in the coffin for allopathic medicine.”

The mean level of headache amongst twenty patients was a 21 out of  a possible 28 on the “Ouchie” scale.  Patients given the combination of acupuncture and aspirin managed to drop an average of 13 ouchies, in comparison with patients treated with chocolate, who seemed to only drop around three ouchies each.  The findings have suggested that acupuncture could be used to fight headaches, as long as used alongside two regular aspirin pills. … continue reading this entry.

Why David Kirby? A treatise on the Huffington Post

David Kirby: Evidence of Douchbaggery

David Kirby: Evidence of Lazy Editors

There are two reasons why I write for this blog.  The first is from that part of me that’s altruistic.  From the minute I knew the New York City Skeptics existed, I wanted to do what I could to help the organization out, and when all is said and done, writing is sort of my most marketable skill.  I went to a drinking skeptically, barged into a conversation between Michael Feldman and Matt Sekedat and forced them to agree to let me write for them.  I wrote for this blog before this blog existed because in the end, I figured this was what I could do best to help the organization.  The second reason is… not quite so altruistic.  Though I have other jobs as well, at my core, I’m a writer.  It’s what I want to do with my life, it’s the only thing I’ve ever really been able to imagine doing forever.  I write for pretty much anyone who will have me as their writer.  I rarely do it for money, I do it because I hope it’ll give me a resume I can eventually turn into a real job, for the experience of doing it, and because if I don’t write regularly, my head gets full of clutter and eventually explodes.  It was for a few of these reasons that I started writing for the Huffington Post. … continue reading this entry.

Non-Shroud of Turin Provokes Story on Jesus

Israeli archaeologists have just found their first burial shroud from about 2000 years ago.  I thought that would be cool enough, but apparently, National Geographic thinks no one will read the story unless they make it about Jesus and the Shroud of Turin.  It’s not all bad news, they’re actually saying that this find makes it even less likely that the supposed burial cloth of Christ was real – though why this is still a story since that piece has been quite well debunked, I can’t tell you.  But still, National Geographic thinks Jesus is the way to sell this archaeological story and who am I to disregard the thoughts of their editors?  So, I’m going to tell you what their story didn’t tell you.  This new shroud proves that Jesus had leprosy. … continue reading this entry.

Naturopaths Set Sights on Swine Flu

Natural Hemlock, much better than the fake stuff.

Natural Hemlock, much better than the fake stuff.

Still feeling flushed from my article last week about a potential change in how science news was reported, I was caught, almost unaware, by a story from a California NBC affiliate titled, “Can Natural Remedies Prevent H1N1?”  Since they’d posed it as a question, I felt certain that I knew what the answer was!  “No.”  But as a surprise to me, seems they didn’t come up with that. … continue reading this entry.

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