On the Future of Space


Taken with a 24-inch RC Optical Systems Telescope by Adam Block/Mount Lemmon SkyCenter/University of Arizona (Board of Regents)

Okay.  I’m going to admit it, I’m bummed that the US is ducking out of the space race.  I’ve heard all the arguments, and I understand them.  Yes, the government can be an inefficient mess of bureaucracy that does things for four times the cost that they should be.  One look at how our attempt to count the populace every ten years should verify that.  (On a slightly different note, I’ve been doing a little bit of government service lately, and it’s firmly added one more notch to my “conspiracies are impossible” beliefs.  If there’s anyone with the intelligence and organization to take over the country, believe me, they don’t work in government.)  And yes, I understand that they may go into space again without private industry one day, but they need to build a new shuttle… I get it, okay?  But still… it makes me a little sad. … continue reading this entry.

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