How to Write an Essay

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve been doing some work lately as a tutor. Some of the tutoring materials they give me are better than others and when I looked at how the book suggested one should write an essay… I was a little appalled. Though I don’t always bring my full ability to essay to this blog, it’s one of those things that I actually understand extremely well. My solution was to put together a standard lesson on how to construct an essay.  Now, you may be wondering what exactly this has to do with skepticism, and I’m here to tell you: just about everything. A good essay begins with a strong premise, leading to a thesis statement, and then proceeds to present valid reasons for why the author believes that thesis.  Being able to write an essay is being able to construct a valid argument. Being able to read an essay is being able to deconstruct an argument. If you’ve somehow lost either of those vital tools for your skeptical tool-box, consider me your Home Depot. … continue reading this entry.

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