Apparently Homeopathy Cures Swine Flu

Is it wrong to say that an organization should be disregarded due to its name alone?  Okay.  Probably.  Even if that name is “The Department of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy,” I probably shouldn’t say they shouldn’t be listened to.  That’d be… slightly unskeptical.  That said, when they publicly say that they believe homeopathy could prevent and cure swine flu, I think that’s the point where you can say they’re not worth listening to.

Let’s go through the stupidity.  First off, it seems that AYUSH (they like to call themselves AYUSH) said that taking “Arsenicum Album-30” every day will fight against “flu-like symptoms.”  Well… that’s not the flu.  If your nose is stuffed and you’re a little feverish, you probably don’t actually have the flu.  If your temperature is spiking and you’re vomiting and just feel generally awful, that’s probably the flu. … continue reading this entry.

More reasons why intelligent people buy into anti-vaccination notions


Swine flu outbreaks by country (by HotWikiBR)

A meaty conversation with John Snyder at last week’s Drinking Skeptically, produced a lot of food for thought, and I spent Thanksgiving weekend chewing over some of his comments in addition to my turkey. We have learned so much from the outreach that doctors and researchers like John and Paul Offit have been doing to combat the growing misinformation associated with vaccines. And on the issue of the connection between autism and vaccines, of lack thereof, I honestly feel like we are making some headway. However, many of the fundamental notions being put forth by anti-vaccination groups, such as vaccines are “toxic,” are being broadly applied to all vaccines, of any variety, all the time, in every case. We are receiving a front row seat for this phenomenon this flu season with the introduction of the H1N1 flu vaccine. Despite my second glass of wine at Drinking Skeptically (please don’t hold it against me that I drink wine at bars, I just don’t like beer), I managed to verbalize two points that have been bouncing around in my head for a few weeks, which help explain why otherwise rational, intelligent people are having trouble trusting in the safety of this new batch of flu vaccine. … continue reading this entry.

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