Scientology: The Reason I Should Avoid Salt

I have to say something: for all the complaining we do about the mainstream media, there is one paper out there that’s been hitting it out of the park, even if it is exclusively on one very particular issue.  That would be the St. Petersburg Times and their coverage of the “Church” of Scientology over the past year.  We mentioned this briefly back in November, but it’s worth bringing up again.  The St. Petersburg Times got a bug in their asses over the lords of LaLa Land after talking with a former member of the cult back in June of ‘09, and ever since they’ve shown no sign of backing down, slowing their coverage, or toning it down to avoid offending those people who deserve a bit of offending.  Anyway, their most recent article is about the treatment of women in the Sea Org who happen to get pregnant, and it’s a fairly repugnant story, to say the least. … continue reading this entry.

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