Generation Rescue denies autism

I often refer to those pushing the “vaccines cause autism” lie anti-vaccinationists or vaccine deniers because more often than not, their real target is the vaccines while the autism claim, though the most often mentioned in the media,  is just one of many evils these ideologues try to link to vaccines. Really, in the same way Scientologists blame all the evils in history from the Holocaust to 9/11 on psychiatry, the vaccine deniers try to blame vaccines for everything.

In fact, on any given day, if you visit the Age of Autism blog, you’ll find infinitely more entries condemning vaccines for all sorts of things than you’ll find articles actually discussing autism.

But that being said, they can just as easily be referred to as autism deniers given that they quite literally deny the most basic facts about the condition, particularly the role genes play in causing autism. Of course this position is just a means to an end because since their real target is the vaccines, any science that demonstrates something other than vaccines contributes either a little bit or entirely to causing autism hurts their vaccine unifying theory of evil and therefore must be denied. It’s like how Jack Thompson can never admit to anything other than video games playing as a main role in causing school shootings or why creationists can never accept evolution because it demystifies what in their mind is the majesty of divine creation. … continue reading this entry.

Your genes belong to you again

If you happened to catch 60 Minutes this week you may have heard about an important court case that just concluded this past week in the U.S. over the possession of your genes.

Back in the 1980′s, in what may have been the single most insanely bad legal ruling in the 20th Century (Scopes included), it was determined that biotech companies could patent genes. Not genes that had been artificially modified by science. No, they could isolate a gene from anyone and then patent that gene, not just from that individual but from everyone because unless you’re a mutant freak, that same gene is found inside you too. … continue reading this entry.

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