Happy Trails to Gothamites Everywhere

I have to ask you to imagine the person on the horse riding into this picture, because I can't find a public domain picture of it...

There’s something particular that writers get scared of when no one else is around.  It’s not writers block.  That comes and goes, younger writers tend to let it overwhelm them, but as you get older you learn that the best way to deal with writer’s block is to write through it.  It doesn’t matter what you write to write through it, just write something, feel your fingers typing, maybe the mechanical action of writing alone will make your brain work again.  But there is one fear that never goes away: the fear of the blank page.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that fearing the blank page is similar to writer’s block.  You’d be forgiven for thinking so, of course you’d be wrong too, but it’s an understandable mistake.  Writer’s block is about not being able to write.  It’s about the inability to get past a sentence or two without thinking that the ideas embodied in that sentence are worthless.  This is why you need to write through the block, force yourself to get past those ideas.  The fear of the blank page is more primal, more urgent.  It’s a fear of the limitless possibilities that page represents.  You don’t know what will come up on that blank page.  You don’t know if it’ll be good or bad, you don’t know if it’ll become something that you wish you’d never written or something that finally makes you as a writer. … continue reading this entry.

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