Rationally Speaking Podcast: Nonsense on Stilts

The focus of this episode is Massimo’s new book, Nonsense on Stilts: How to Tell Science from Bunk. The book, broadly speaking, is about what philosopher Karl Popper famously called the demarcation problem: how do we tell the difference among science, non-science and pseudoscience?  We explore the complex relationship among these, [...]

Science Patriotism? Enlist Me!

While I am happy to discuss and argue dissenting viewpoints in the interpretation of data or the conclusions based on concrete evidence, I usually leave the critiquing of people’s more philosophical arguments to those better suited to it. But after reading a review of the most recent book, Nonsense on Stilts, by Massimo Pigliucci, Chair of Philosophy Department at the City University of New York-Lehman College and fellow NYCS board member, I am eager to try my hand a picking apart the arguments of the author that are so full of holes you could drive a truck through them. The review in The Chronicle of Higher Education, written by Carlin Romano, was intended to critique Massimo’s hidden bias but instead merely exposed the author’s own. … continue reading this entry.

The Temptation of Misrepresenting the Past

Old_books_-_Stories_From_The_PastAs some of you may have seen, one of Lisa’s posts and one of mine have been nominated for inclusion into The Young Australian Skeptics Blog Anthology. I’d like to congratulate my fellow nominee, and say I’m very happy the two of us got noticed. I’ve been a writer for a while, but I’ve never been published in a real like… Book, so this is pretty cool. I’m really happy about it, and I imagine Lisa is too.  The closest I’ve ever come to this is when, instead of writing his own article about Elliott Spitzer, a Boston Globe reporter decided to quote mine. There’s only one slight caveat… I’m not crazy about the article that’s been chosen. … continue reading this entry.

Rationally Speaking Podcast-Early Release for You!

New York City Skeptics is proud to announce that our new podcast, Rationally Speaking, will officially debut on Sunday, January 31st, but you can get a special preview and listen to the first episode right now by visiting rationallyspeakingpodcast.org or subscribing via iTunes.

Rationally Speaking is hosted by Massimo Pigliucci and Julia Galef, contributors to Gotham Skeptic. [...]

Linky Loo

Some stuff that was sent my way via the series of tubes:

  • It boggles the mind that we are still dealing with the issue of creationism in the science classroom. But the NYTimes is still reporting on the case of Mr. Freshwater, a science teacher who refused to remove a bible from his classroom. Way to go Ohio! Worst quote from the article:

“If he had a Koran on his desk, he’d be fine and no one would say a word to him,” Mr. Matolyak said. “If he had ‘Origin of Species’ on his desk, they would celebrate that.” … continue reading this entry.

One more on the relationship between atheism and skepticism

I’d like to make a few comments on Jake Dickerman’s piece about Michael De Dora’s recent talk concerning the relationship between skepticism and atheism. (A fuller version of my thinking on this topic can be found at Rationally Speaking). … continue reading this entry.

Linky loo

I learned about QualiaSoup‘s You Tube Channel from a post on Massimo Pigliucci’s blog Rationally Speaking. I think that this video on evolution is not to be missed, so I wanted to embed it here:

He has lots of other terrific clips, and has gained a bit of renoun for his straighforward manner and lovely illustrations. If [...]

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