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What do you write on the Critical Thinking chalkboard?

Driving back from the debate on Friday, Steve and I got into talking about critical thinking.  I don’t remember how it happened.  Talk about the debate moved to discussing what I wished I’d been able to say in the debate, to “here’s what I think skeptics believe [...]

Thoughts on design

This postcard book, Rube Goldbergs Inventions!, was compiled by Maynard Frank Wolfe from the Rube Goldberg Archives. The cover illustration shows Professor Butts and the Self-Operating Napkin.

This is the cover illustration of the book, Rube Goldberg's Inventions!, was which compiled by Maynard Frank Wolfe from the Rube Goldberg Archives. The illustration depicts Professor Butts and the Self-Operating Napkin. (from Wikipedia)

I’m lucky, I guess, if you are the type that believes in luck, that I’m a designer. Meaning, that’s what I do for a living, a decently-compensated living at that. I’m privileged enough to get paid to think about, plan, and execute solutions for abstract ideas. Ideas that take the form of problems. Most of those ideas consist of arguments for why you should chose a particular brand or service. That’s a practice that can be fairly manipulative; therefore, that’s where the money’s at. Other more esoteric problems I might work on may be how one visualizes the abstract concept of an internet search, or to give reasons as to why that handle is a particular shade of red. These problems that are a bit more benign, and therefore less lucrative. And yet we are plagued by some pressing problems in need of solutions, like global climate change or the energy crisis, well ,no one is getting paid to work on these (I speak in hyperbole, of course). These social and environmental issues have yet to be completely solved by design, but that doesn’t mean design hasn’t offered some solutions, piecemeal, and for a long time. … continue reading this entry.

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