One more on Avatar, I’ll make it quick

I love it when movies blow my mind. I love to get sucked in, and I enjoy suspending my disbelief for those 2 dark hours. I did think Avatar was good, but it did not blow my mind. It was not able to pull me away from reality sufficiently enough, and the reason for this is that I had the opposite reaction as Carol Kaesuk Yoon did, as she expressed in her NYTimes essay. She laud’s James Cameron’s creativity in developing the flora and fauna of his fantasy world, calling the film “a biologist’s dream.” However, while watching the movie I found myself bored at the redundancy and unoriginality of Avatar’s biodiversity. As a biologist, I thought the choices made, particularly with regards to the mega fauna, were mundane. … continue reading this entry.

James Cameron’s Avatar: The Magic Naturness of Naturtude

Natural living at its finest...

Natural living at its finest…

For years, I’ve been hearing news about James Cameron’s “Avatar.”  For most of that time, I had no idea what it was or why I should care.  But now, Christmas has come, both literally and figuratively, and so even though I’m on vacation in Asia, I trudged through Singapore, just so I could tell you about it.  In case you’re one of those people who cares about this kind of thing, there’s going to be some massive spoilers in here. … continue reading this entry.

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