East meets West over potentially cancer fighting fungus

A complaint frequently invoked by those opposed to Western medicine is that the industry has a general disregard for any potential health benefits from “natural” remedies to the point of snubbing plants and herbs that are employed by non-scientists. And in the next breath, such opponents will decry Western medicine for its unflagging devotion to its bottom-line. The ridiculous nature of this caricature of “Big Pharma” as some Grinch-like figure with little regard for public health and great esteem for lining its coffers by dishonest means is obviously puerile. Pharmacology and medical practice is advanced by an army of companies and organizations, all engaged in various objectives; these institutions are made up of many individuals fueled by various personal missions. To suggest that this huge group of people and companies all have the same goal of making money at the expense of the public’s health is ludicrous. As with every capitalistic industry, “Big Pharma” is comprised of both good and bad people, as well as bad people who do good things and good people who do bad things. But there is validity in the capitalist ideal that competition breeds invention. To point, I have always found this opposition of Western medicine to be paradoxical because if there was an herbal remedy that had sound scientific evidence suggesting efficacy, don’t you think Mr. Big Pharma would be all over it like white on rice? … continue reading this entry.

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