I want to be a headline writer!

If only this article had a headline demeaning my intelligence...

"If only this article had a headline demeaning my intelligence..."

I really love my new job.  I hang around with kids all day and I just try to make sure they have fun, don’t hurt themselves, and hopefully learn something.  It’s incredibly rewarding and it’s a ton of fun.  The unfortunate thing is, my job ends at the end of October.  That’s just when our season’s over, and there’s nothing I can do about it.  So, I’ve got to start getting ready to go job hunting soon.  Luckily, I think I’ve found the new great career for me: headline writer.

I’m not trying to buck the system here.  I want to do as good a job as all the great headline writers out there.  So I’m doing my research.  I think it’ll be a great exercise for me to take a look at how the pros do it, then maybe I’ll be ready to take a shot at it myself! … continue reading this entry.

A Spot of Levity

This is a something I originally wrote for Skepticamp.  Unfortunately, I was unable to lock in actors in time to perform it.  Still, I hope you folks enjoy seeing this piece in this form.

Last Night on the News


And thank you, Tammy for that amazing report on puppies.

They are adorable. … continue reading this entry.

The Magic of Self Delusion

Back on Monday, a story came out of Alaska about a Department of Transportation worker, Travis Capps, who was assisted in his search for a woman’s body by a psychic from California.  The woman, Carolyn Tyrrell, had been missing since Independence Day.  The article doesn’t tell us why Mr. Capps was so determined to find the late Ms. Tyrrell, but he was certainly committed, and that, no matter what methods he decided to use, is to his credit.

According to the AP, Mr. Capps contacted Katherine Marie Jones of the Sacramento area.  She wrote Tyrrell’s name on a piece of paper, asked God for help, and then concentrated for half an hour on what images came to her mind.  The article says that Jones believed Tyrrell would be found on “an east-facing slope near a boat launch.  She also described an eagle.”

Capps found the woman on Friday, about 17 miles from Eagle Summit.  Well… Capps found a woman on Friday.  By Monday, the body hadn’t been fully identified yet, but the SUV the body was found near belonged to Mrs. Tyrrell. … continue reading this entry.

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