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Saturday, December 4th, 2010 in New York City

What is it?!
SkeptiCamp is like a science conference, except that the content is provided by the attendees themselves! Some prefer to call it an “unconference” for that reason.

It is based on a successful model of gatherings referred to as “BarCamp“, which have primarily focused [...]

Flash Wednesday

Last Saturday almost 100 skeptics packed the NYPL to hear Professor Graham Priest’s NYC Skeptics Public Lecture “Speaking of Paradoxes.” This incredible turnout makes Professor Priest’s talk our most well attended lecture since Professor Richard Wiseman’s talk last January. Thank you everyone for turning out! Reaction to the lecture is popping up [...]

Flash Wednesday

Rationally Speaking Podcast Episode 15: Q&A

In the first of what we hope will be a regular feature of Rationally Speaking, Massimo and Julia answer listeners’ questions. These range from what are M & J’s sacred cows, to how we should approach morally repugnant claims made by venerated philosophers, to whether we are deluding ourselves believing that our votes count.

NYC Skeptics Public Lecture – Graham Priest: SPEAKING OF PARADOXES
When: September 11, 2010

Where: Jefferson Market Library – 425 Avenue of the Americas (at 10th St.) New York, NY 10011-8454 … continue reading this entry.

NYCS Public Lecture Series: Simon Perry

The Skeptical Quacklash

Free and open to the public.

When: Thursday, July 1, at 7PM
Where: Shetler Studios “Penthouse 1″
244 West 54th Street
New York, NY

Simon Perry is an active campaigner against nonsense. Using the ASA, Trading Standards, other regulatory bodies and even gaining help from MPs, his campaigns have helped shut down dodgy allergy test services, prevented traditional chinese medicine salesmen from claiming to cure cancer, and exposed psychic scams. … continue reading this entry.

NYCS Public Lecture Series on CSPAN: David Shenk

Whether you enjoyed his talk or disagreed with it, CSPAN’s Book TV has aired David Shenk’s talk to the New York City Skeptics. Shenk spoke the week of the release of his newest book The Genius in All Of Us, now a New York Times Bestseller. Many, including Massimo Pigliucci who Shenk consulted during his research [...]

NYCS Public Lecture Series Presents: Beth Fertig

bethfertigJoin as  Saturday at this free event with Beth Fertig who will discuss her experiences as WNYC’s education reporter and her recent book, Why cant you teach me 2 read? Education is a fundamental priority if skeptics desire increased critical thinking skills for our children and our nation’s population in general. But the politics of education frequently seems to get in the way of education itself. Fertig will discuss New York City’s attempt to use data to track student achievement, and to measure school performance through “progress reports” using an A-F grading system. Fertig’s exposure of the city’s “rubber rooms,” where teachers facing disciplinary action are left to languish, have been instrumental in getting the city to reassess the system for processing these teachers and getting them back to work or out the door faster and more efficiently. … continue reading this entry.

David Shenk fails to deliver

Genius in all of usOn Saturday, March 13, David Shenk, the author if The Genius in All of Us delivered a lecture to the New York City Skeptics.  The book’s press release promised a lot, saying Shenk would give us reason to “Forget everything you think you know about genes, talent, and intelligence.”  Shenk said there was a “mountain of evidence” for a level of “talent abundance” that we had previously not known about.  The talk totally failed to deliver on these promises, as did his book. … continue reading this entry.

Celebrate Darwin Day: NYC Skeptics and CFI Present Ian Tattersall on “Darwin and Human Evolution”

Time: Saturday, Feb. 13, 2:00 PM
Place: Hunter College, Hunter West Building, Lecture Room 714 (room subject to change) … continue reading this entry.

New York City Skeptics Presents: Richard Wiseman

Wiseman-ad“Investigating the Impossible.”

Join New York City Skeptics as we kick off our 2010 Public Lecture Series with noted skeptic, psychologist, and magician Richard Wiseman.

For over 20 years, Professor Richard Wiseman has investigated a whole host of strange psychological phenomena. In this talk, he describes some of his more colourful adventures, including his work into why some people are lucky, his search for the world’s funniest joke, and whether people really can walk on hot coals. … continue reading this entry.

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