Bad Universe: More Skepticism on TV!

Because when you are dealing with the universe, ignorance is deadly!

Sunday night was the premier of the first episode of Bad Universe, Phil Plait’s foray into television. This show is a sort of MythBusters style science show involving demonstrations (ostensibly using combustible materials) to prove or disprove claims and hypotheses.Unlike MythBusters, or the useless MythBusters spin-off called Time-Warp that had even less science and more blowing stuff up, Plait’s show is supposed to be much more science and scientist heavy. Huzzah! … continue reading this entry.

Penn and Teller Sometimes Argue Really Badly

Warning: This logo does not always mean skepticism is ahead.

Warning: This logo does not always mean skepticism is ahead.

I don’t like Showtime very much.  It’s a personal thing… I used to work for them, well I worked for a company that was partnered with them, the whole thing collapsed on us and now I find it very easy to see what’s bad about the company’s programming.  Here’s my typical line about a Showtime program: “I do something bad.  But I do it for good reasons.”  Hey look!  It’s “Weeds!”  Sure, Nancy sells pot, but she does it because her family needs it!  Look!  It’s “Californication!”  And Hank may be a real womanizer, but don’t you see how much he loves his daughter?  And hey!  “Dexter!”  He may be a serial killer, but he only kills bad people.  “Nurse Jackie!”  It’s time to flip the formula and make it about a person who’s kind of bad, but she’s doing something good!  How original.  But anyway, off that tangent – the one show on Showtime that I have always been able to unambiguously support is Penn and Teller’s show, “Bullshit.”  For eight years, these guys have been managing to put out a show that, when it talks about a subject with scientifically verifiable information, takes a hard-core skeptical view, and does it in an entertaining fashion.

And now that I’ve praised them a little… I have to make a complaint.  I recently watched the first two episodes of this new season (their eighth) and I really thought the arguments they were using were pretty weak.  … continue reading this entry.

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