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Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And sometimes, it's a UFO. You decide which one this is. Here's a hint. The "tobacco" was "harvested" by "aliens."

Now, I haven’t seen the original research the various 24-hour news sources put into their new expose on Churchill and UFOs, but it must be really phenomenal.  The most compelling article is from Fox News who put up an article that says that Churchill classified a UFO back in the 50’s!  ABC News added in an article as well, but it uses all these stupid words like “alleged” – at least they didn’t try and cover it up, right?  Because you can’t hide the truth!  This stuff is important!

It seems that Britain just declassified a bunch of previously classified UFO data, about 5000 pages of it.  And one of those pages is a letter from a pilot who says he saw a UFO!  Whoa!  Are your minds blown?  This wasn’t anybody, guys.  This was a pilot.  And we all know the truth: pilots are infallible. … continue reading this entry.

MUFON head quits, calls UFOlogy “humans deceiving humans”

Taken from Flickr user DALAIWMNs photostream

James Carrion, the International Director for the Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network (MUFON) has resigned from his position and decided to, if you’ll pardon the pun, ‘move on.’

But he didn’t go without explaining himself. And here’s where it gets very interesting. Carrion essentially denounces the entire “scientific” field of UFOlogy, which plays a central role in the alien visitation believing movement:

That in a nutshell is the sad state of Ufology today, humans deceiving
humans. If there is a real phenomenon, I have yet to see any evidence of
it that would stand under scientific scrutiny.

If you’d asked me to guess who said this quote yesterday I might have said Michael Shermer or Phil Plait. But no, this came from one of the leaders of the UFO/alien visitation community! That is unbelievable! … continue reading this entry.

What America’s greatest hoax has to teach us about memory

From Flickr user tinchouses photostream

From Flickr user tinchouse's photostream

It was just an ordinary Sunday evening in Grovers Mill, New Jersey. The date was October 30, 1938. But soon after 8pm, panic broke out. The reason was that radio newscasters were reporting that the Martians had landed in Grovers Mill… and they were out for blood.

The broadcast could be heard across the U.S. but it was those closest to ground zero of the Martian invasion who reacted most strongly, as they could immediately identify the locales mentioned in the reports. Then they decided to fight back against the unwelcome visitors. This was their town and they weren’t going to let the Martians take it from them. … continue reading this entry.

Whose side are the hoaxsters on?

On Saturday, Chris Russo and Joe Rudy came all the way from New Jersey to Manhattan to talk to a good sized audience of NYC Skeptics. The title of their talk was, How and Why We Staged the Great UFO Hoax of 2009 (audio coming soon to the NYC Skeptics website). They gave an entertaining account of their activities on January 5th through February 17th of this year, in which they tied simple flares to helium-filled balloons that they then released to fly over Morris County New Jersey and the fallout from these activities. Perhaps not surprising from reading the title, I went to the talk with one main expectation, the “how” of the hoax had been made apparent after these two guys came forward by publicly revealing themselves as hoaxsters in an article in Skeptic Magazine, but the “why” still seemed a bit mysterious to me. … continue reading this entry.

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